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Public Libraries SA and the Salisbury Library Service - National Youth Week Graphic Novel Competition inspired by the theme 'Our Voice, Our Impact'
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How Council will review and update its Development Plan
With so much Opportunity at Salisbury – what are you waiting for? Apply Now!
Download development application forms here.
With a huge variety of services, events and programs, there is always something going on for young people.
The Salisbury Libraries are a great place for people of all ages and nationalities to meet, read, learn and access information.
Find out when we will be cutting grass verges in your area.
A Sports Performance Camp for Aspiring Young Athletes in Salisbury
An interactive map of waste collection days.
Community centres, parks, reserves, recreation centres, dog parks, Salisbury has it all.
By using recycled water you can help reduce pressure on the River Murray. Learn how you can get involved.