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Lodge a Request

Lodge a report

Issues you can report

Examples of issues you can lodge a report for:

  • Animal Management (eg. dogs, cats, other domestic animals).
  • Council Road and Asset Maintenance (eg. potholes, footpaths, graffiti, rubbish).
  • Inspectorate (eg. abandoned vehicles, parking complaints).
  • Public Health and Environment (eg. food safety, vermin, diseases, residential concerns).
  • Reserve and Tree Maintenance (eg. mowing, fallen branches, drainage).
  • Waste Management (eg. NAWMA domestic, recycling, green and hard waste).
  • Other concerns or issues we may need to take action on.

After you have lodged a report

You will receive an email response containing a customer reference number, or if you called us a number will be provided to you. Please quote this number in any follow-up correspondence with Council.

You will not be advised of the outcome of the report unless you have specified that you would like to be advised and have provided us with your contact details to do so.

My Local Services app

Another way to report an issue or access council information is via the My Local Service app.

The My Local Services app is free and has the following features:

  • Kerbside bin collections: Find out which bin to put out and when.
  • Report issues: Report issues that require our attention such as damaged bins, graffiti removal and illegal dumping.
  • Find out what's nearby: Discover nearby council facilities such as parks, playgrounds and libraries. You can filter the map to find exactly what you are looking for, then use your device to guide you there.
  • Events: Discover upcoming events in our council area, nearby or across the State.
  • My Council: Find general council contact information, including council locations and contact information for elected members.
  • Receive reminders: Receive ‘push notifications’ direct to your phone as reminders for bin set-outs, events and when payments are due.