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Verge Cutting Program

Council provide a regular maintenance program to all of the verge areas across the City of Salisbury. The verge program operates on a cycle to meet seasonal requirements all year round.

Council encourages residents to cut their own verge to help enhance the streetscape presentation of the City if they wish. Alternatively, residents can develop or landscape the verge area in accordance with Council's verge development guidelines.

Maintenance service standards include:

  • Levelling - the verge surface is even and free of potholes and depressions or mounds.

  • Litter, excessive tree debris & tree branch removal from the verge prior to grass cutting.

  • Mechanical edging to ensure no grass encroaches over structures prior to cutting verges.

  • Herbicide edging to maintain a grass free area adjacent to structures.

  • Weed control – where broadleaf & proclaimed pest plants have been identified.

  • Grass cutting - Verges will be slashed to a height of 50mm.

  • Grass clippings are not collected and are left on the verge.

  • Paths and Driveway areas are blown to remove debris after cutting.

  • Street sweeping is undertaken generally within 24-48 hrs.

For more information on the Verge Cutting Program, please see our Verge Cutting Program Flyer .

To find a verge cutting date, simply search for your address and click on the block that contains your chosen area.