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St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk Temporarily Closed (UPDATED)
The Mangrove Trail has reopened with conditions, following repairs. The first 300m of the trail is open and accessible to the public. The last 200m section of the trail to the lookout is currently closed.


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Dog and Cat Management Plan

Draft Dog and Cat Management Plan 2022-2026

Council has prepared this Plan to guide the direction of the City of Salisbury’s dog and cat management priorities for the next five years (2022-2026).

This Plan provides Council with an opportunity to address dog and cat management at a strategic level and consider initiatives that address the legislative changes whilst exploring the requirements of both pet and non-pet owners within the local community.

Every Council in South Australia is required under section 26A of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 (the Act) to prepare a plan of management relating to dogs and cats every five years.

You can read a copy of the Plan here - Dog and Cat Management Plan 2022 - 2026

The key objectives and action areas include:

  • Objective 1. Encourage responsible dog and cat ownership
    • Action areas: Community education, compulsory desexing of dogs and cats
  • Objective 2. Increase public safety and enhance the amenity and environment
    • Action areas: Wandering dogs and harassment, dog faeces
  • Objective 3. Reduce public and environment nuisances from dogs and cats
    • Action areas: Nuisance barking, dogs in public places and effective control
  • Objective 4. Ensure council delivers effective and efficient dog and cat management services
    • Action areas: Authorised Management Officers, Animal Pound, Dog friendly parks and inclusiveness.