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Spotlight on Business in Salisbury

Spotlight on Business in Salisbury is a new initiative celebrating our local businesses located across the city.

Each audio episode, produced in partnership with PBA-FM Community Radio, puts a business under the spotlight during a candid interview with Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM, who is joined by a ward councillor.

Owners share their unique backstories that have paved the way for their business, what they like about doing business in Salisbury and more.

You can enjoy streaming these episodes here. If you are a business owner who is interested in getting involved in this initiative please email us here.

Episode 1: Launching new business a picnic for Mawson Lakes local

Council Media Publications Spotlight Business Salisbury Episode 1

“Everybody has been so supportive. People like to see local businesses succeed,” says Mawson Lakes-based business owner Kristie Kemp.

The Picnic Tribe works with local suppliers to provide picnic packages for special occasions, such as celebrations with family and friends, bridal parties and more.

Kristie started The Picnic Tribe after she suffered a mental breakdown last year while working within the finance industry.

She credits the business, as well as the local support base that has arisen as a result, to helping her overcome trauma after a difficult personal time.

Kristie says she is now thriving and plans to focus on growing her existing customer base in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

If the content within this episode brings up any issues, you can visit the Beyond Blue website or call 1300 22 4636. You can also contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Episode 2: Close-knit family honours Hungarian heritage

Services Spotlight on Business in Salisbury Badger and Bones

Salisbury Heights café Badger and Bones first opened its doors in April 2021 and has already managed to build a loyal customer base.

The success so far is something sibling duo Rosalie and Patrick put down to the support the family has received from the local community, coupled with the authenticity of seasonal dishes served in a welcoming environment.

The business is a nod to the family’s eastern European heritage, from the hearty goulash served with thick crusty bread to the environment which is intended to resemble ‘sitting in your grandparents’ loungeroom.”

Even the café’s name was chosen as a tribute to Rosalie and Patrick’s grandparents.

“When we were younger our grandfather had a massive head full of silver hair…so ever since we were little kids he has always been ‘Grandad Badger’,” Patrick said.

“My grandmother, the head of our entire family, was just over four-foot-tall and weighed about 40 kilos so she was always ‘Nanna Bones’ to us.”

With big things are on the agenda for the warmer months, such as themed cocktail and pizza nights, the family is looking forward to seeing the business go from strength to strength.

Episode 3: First things first, let’s have a chat

Services Spotlight on Business in Salisbury First Things First Coffee

Aaron Box and James Carrigg are the owners of distinctive drive-through speciality coffee shop, First Things First Coffee.

The pair recently opened up a third store, at Woodville, but remain committed to the conveniently-located Salisbury Highway site that offers a quality caffeine fix with efficiency and ease.

“We are about as far removed from your traditional drive-through customer experience as you can possibly hope for,” James said.

“We are engaging, we are fun, we are genuine, we are warm.”

It’s true – listening to the pair feels like hearing from a couple of old friends, a factor that they say has contributed to the success in Salisbury.

Take a listen for yourself below, as Aaron and James chat with Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM, Cr Kylie Grenfell and Cr Sarah Ouk.