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Services Emergency Management Recovering From Emergency

Recovering from an Emergency

Families SA Emergency Management Program provides advice and practical assistance to help people and communities recover from major emergencies such as floods, droughts, storms and bushfires. This includes the provision of food, accommodation, financial support, information and referral.

Families SA are continually training and preparing staff and volunteers for this role so that a coordinated response can quickly come together at the time of a major emergency. Families SA also works closely in planning with response agencies such as police and CFS to ensure there is a smooth transition between response and recovery activities.

Recovery assistance following a disaster

Refer to the Disaster Assist website for up to date public information messages, relevant free call numbers, information on Australian Government Assistance Packages offered and links to other relevant websites and information.

Donations and volunteering

Australians respond swiftly and generously when disasters occur.

Floods, fires, cyclones and other disasters can stir up strong emotions and a keen desire to help those affected. No matter the location of the affected community, such disasters trigger a national response and attract enormous volumes of donated goods from individuals, communities and businesses.

Authorities responding to disasters must manage these donations, which are often impractical or exceed community needs. This sizeable task can include the need to transport, store, sort and deliver donations as well as dispose of unneeded or inappropriate goods." (Source: National Guidelines for Managing Donated Goods (2011), Government of South Australia)

If you would like to donate goods after an emergency it is important to wait for a specific appeal. If there is no specific appeal, consider joining with friends or neighbours to raise money which can be donated to the recovery fund.

Volunteering is another valuable way of contributing to recovery efforts. For more information on volunteering refer to the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion or the Red Cross websites.