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Requesting Copies of Plans

A current property owner may request copies of development application plans for their property.

Please note:

  • A valid reason is required and plans may be subject to copyright laws - you should check your obligations under these laws.
  • Historic applications (1960s to 1990s) may not have the information you are after.
  • Council development records will not show sewer pipes/drains. You can contact SA Water for this information directly or visit SA Gov Drainage Webpage
  • Easement details are shown on your Title.

Prior to requesting documents, contact Council on 8406 8222 to ascertain whether the information required is held by Council.

A Request for Plans form will be provided to you once Council has confirmed the plans that are available to you. At this time, photo identification showing ownership of the property, is required and the following fees are payable.

Fees are to be paid on lodgement of Request for Plans.

  • Residential Search - $52 (inc. GST)
  • Commercial / Industrial Search - $131 (inc. GST)

Additional fees will be charged for:

Offsite file retrieval, should it be required - $44 (inc. GST)


10 business days, subject to availability of information. Should the request take longer a Business Service team member will contact you to advise.

Plans will be sent electronically via email. Additional charges will apply if hard copies are requested.