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Salisbury City Centre renewal vision comes to life with $200 million redevelopment

The City of Salisbury and a Buildtec and Catcorp consortium are partnering to deliver a $200 million redevelopment of the Salisbury City Centre, revitalising the heart of Salisbury with six new, vibrant mixed-use sites.

A redevelopment plan, released today, outlines the sites that will be transformed, delivering two hectares of unprecedented renewal in the City Centre.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM lead a press conference outside the Salisbury Community Hub this morning to announce the plans, discussing Council’s vision for the redevelopment.

I am excited to see the most significant stage of our renewal vision come to life, demonstrating Council's commitment to continually activating and improving our City for the betterment of our community. The six new sites will give locals and visitors so many diverse opportunities to live, work and be entertained in the heart of our City.

The redevelopment will bring residential housing to the City Centre for the first time. Future residents will live within close walking distance to our brand-new Salisbury Aquatic Centre, the Little Para Linear Trail, the upcoming TreeClimb, and the Salisbury Interchange.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM

The Salisbury City Centre will offer residential housing, with over 200 diverse housing options including affordable housing, apartments, retirement living and hotel accommodation. It will also feature a multi-deck, undercover car park with over 500 spaces and a ground floor premium supermarket, with other sites including retail, commercial and hospitality.

Church Street will be extended to enhance vehicle and pedestrian access through the City, with a future extension being investigated, improving the link with Salisbury Highway.

Minister for Housing and Urban Development Nick Champion has appointed the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) as the planning authority, given the significance of the project for the northern region.

‘This redevelopment has the potential to completely transform the Salisbury City Centre, turning car parks into a major urban hub where people can live, work and play. The northern suburbs are a booming area and this development will add much needed and diverse housing options.

‘Strategically located close to public transport options, it’s important this site is thoughtfully designed and carefully scrutinised so I’ve made the decision to appoint SCAP as the relevant planning authority to assess the development applications,’ said Minister Champion.

Two of South Australia’s leading development and construction groups, Buildtec and Catcorp, have been formally selected as the development team to bring Council’s renewal vision to life, following a hotly contested national expression of interest campaign led by Alinea Group and Leedwell Property on behalf of the City of Salisbury.

Principal of Alinea Group, Ben Koop, said of the duo, ‘The Buildtec and Catcorp consortium genuinely demonstrated an innovative and collaborative approach to delivering on Council’s vision.

‘Their team has demonstrated a strong understanding of how to bring together a diverse range of experiences in a high-quality pedestrian focused environment – creating SA’s first truly walkable medium density City Centre outside of the inner city.’

Buildtec and Catcorp have extensive experience delivering large-scale urban developments together, including the award-winning master planned community Norwood Green, and have already been in discussion with operators about coming in to the development.

Buildtec’s Managing Director, Anthony Carrocci, has said the ‘Salisbury City Centre will elevate the City of Salisbury, attracting people and businesses from right across the region. We are excited to share a vision with Council for the City Centre to become an exciting, vibrant and activated town centre.’

Agreeing with the sentiment, Catcorp’s Managing Director, Anthony Catinari feels the project is happening in the right place at the right time.

‘We are excited about the future for Salisbury City Centre – the range of new uses surrounded by some of the best amenity in the north is a great privilege to deliver in partnership with Council. We think the market will really embrace the new opportunities, the exciting changes ahead and the timing for this development is just right,’ said Catinari.

The redevelopment is the next phase of the City of Salisbury’s City Centre renewal program, following the $10 million redevelopment of Church and John Streets in 2023 and the $43 million Salisbury Community Hub, built in 2019.

A catalyst for new commercial investment in the northern region, the redevelopment is projected to have significant positive impact on the local economy.

Member for Ramsey Zoe Bettison MP agrees the major project will add substantial value to the local region.

‘This is a commercial investment that has the northern region very excited. It's one of the Salisbury Council's most significant projects, alongside the Salisbury Aquatic Centre which opened its doors just over a week ago.

‘This innovative redevelopment is projected to significantly boost the local economy, generate hundreds of new jobs, and attract new businesses to Salisbury.

'It has been a pleasure to see new businesses build and thrive in our community, bringing excitement and pride to the residents of the City of Salisbury,' said Minister Bettison.

The Mayor was joined by Minister Champion, Minister Bettison, Anthony Carrocci, Anthony Catinari, and local Salisbury business owner Dion Stanbury at the press conference, to discuss the future of the City Centre and unveil the official plans for the development over the next few years.

Construction is due to start in 2025, with the first two sites delivering over 50 residential housing apartments, the multi-deck car park and commercial and retail offerings. Completion is planned in stages from 2026 onwards.

More information about the Salisbury City Centre redevelopment project is available at