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Salisbury celebrates art with SALA exhibitions

Four exhibitions are being held across Salisbury to celebrate the state wide South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival.

At the Salisbury Community Hub, a diverse range of works by the Salisbury Arts Society are on display in the John Harvey Community Hall, while upstairs on Level 1 you can take a trip around the world with Global Cities, an exhibition by 21-year-old university student Alissar Aleid.

At the Mawson Centre, outback-themed artwork by popular naïve artist Doug Firth features humorous and quirky scenes set around old, remote Aussie pubs.

Meanwhile Fighters by Joy Wright, on display at the Para Hills Community Hub, is a collection of renowned characters which symbolise fighting for love, passion and glory.

Alissar, a former Salisbury Watershed Art Prize finalist, said she was excited to display her exhibition at the Salisbury Community Hub.

The inspiration for the works stemmed from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which stalled Alissar’s dreams of international travel.

Instead, she took to canvas to create scenes of cities located across the world, from Adelaide to Santorini to Damascus, where Alissar spent much of her childhood.

Despite the fact she has never been to England, Alissar also managed to capture the mood of London in a way that resonated with homesick British locals who recently bought two of her paintings depicting the historical city.

I’m really obsessed with travel and when COVID hit and lockdown started I found painting a really great way to escape and express my passion and my dream of visiting places like Europe.

It is resonating with a lot of people at the moment to see paintings of the cities they love but can’t necessarily return to any time soon.

Alissar Aleid

All works will remain on display between August 2 and September 13.