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News Plan Your Retirement Lifestyle Mindset For Life Program

Plan your retirement lifestyle with free Mindset for Life program

Many of us spend years fantasising about what we will do when we are retired, but in reality it can often be challenging to work out what matters to you and what you should do with your time.

A free program, Mindset for Life, has been developed to assist people in navigating retirement and answering these important questions.

The program uses a peer model to help people design a successful retirement and to plan the next phase of their lives.

On completion, participants will have a greater sense of their own skills, abilities and priorities; a renewed vision of their future; and an achievable plan to get them moving in their chosen direction.

Arturo and Mary Jimenea, of Parafield Gardens, completed the program in 2020. Mary has just retired from work and Arturo has transitioned from working full time to part time.

The couple found the program helpful in planning ‘what’s next?’ ahead of a new phase in their lives.

“The Mindset for Life program and the discussions had at the workshops opened our minds to the multitude of opportunities available to people in retirement,” said Mary.

“I am now looking at changing habits of my life and exploring more of my interests: that is: no longer just sedentary reading of books, but also doing more physical activities such as backyard gardening and participating in group exercises, in order to maintain my physical and mental well-being.”

The Mindset for Life program was developed by Think Human, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation and the State Government Office of Ageing Well.

The program is being delivered across three three-hour blocks during August at the Jack Young Centre in Salisbury.

A meet and greet information session is planned for Tuesday, July 13 at 2pm at Jack Young Centre, 2 Orange Avenue, Salisbury.

More information and details on how to book is available by clicking here.