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Learning courses empower northern residents to build their skills

A new partnership between the Salisbury, Playford and Port Adelaide Enfield councils is working towards bridging the gap between basic work skills and finding employment.

The Northern Regional Consortium Employment Pathways Project, which was launched in September, offers fully-funded adult education programs to community members.

This training, funded through the Government of South Australia via the Department for Innovation and Skills, has supported up to 57 participants across the Council areas throughout the two terms.

The programs – which focus on basic numeracy, literacy and essential skills required for the workplace – are offered in a supportive environment, with a variety of sites and online options available.

City of Salisbury Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM said the first term of programs was a great success, with the skills gained by participants well aligned with the needs of local industry and the employment opportunities available in Adelaide’s north.

Within the first term of this new project alone, eight Salisbury participants have developed extensive computer skills to advance their careers, four have engaged in volunteer positions and additional study and several others have a clearer idea about the study pathways available for them and are working on pursuing these.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM

City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty added that the employment pathways project was fundamental in ensuring its growing community and those who live within it thrive.

We want our people to have access to the necessary skills to obtain meaningful employment.

These programs open up the doors to residents that otherwise would not get the opportunity to reach their full potential.

City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty

One of the participants, Tony Vu, is looking forward to an exciting career in cyber security after completing the English for Work and Study course.

Tony arrived in Australia in 2017 from Hanoi, Vietnam, where he worked in the Information Technology department at a bank.

He has since strived to improve his English skills in order to seek out employment in the Salisbury region.

I enrolled in an English class at Mawson Lakes Library in 2018 and Pooraka Community Centre in 2019 and more recently completed the English course at Bagster Road Community Centre.

I am trying to improve my English to get a certificate and I can enrol in a course to get back to my profession in IT area in the future.

Tony Vu

Sean Malone, who is heading the Consortium Project, said undergoing the program had a direct impact on Tony’s future study and job prospects.

The course has helped Tony who is looking to move into tertiary education, concentrating on cyber security.

He has expanded his conversation vocabulary and improved his reading and writing in English.

Sean Malone

2022 will be an exciting year for the project with programs in Work Health and Safety (WHS), basic work safety, language and literacy, digital skills and resume writing all to be held at multiple sites across the three Council areas from February.

Find out more information about programs commencing next year here.