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Intercultural Employment and Business Expo

The City of Salisbury invites you to join us on Friday 10 November, at 10am to 3pm, at the Salisbury Community Hub for a day of insightful workshops that will broaden your employment horizons and empower you to pursue the job of your dreams.

The Intercultural Employment and Business Expo is an event where job seekers of all backgrounds can explore the job market, discover diverse career options, and connect with prospective employers. The expo will feature stalls from a variety of local businesses and organisations with job opportunities on the table.

‘We are so proud to host the Intercultural Employment and Business Expo as part of our commitment to supporting community growth and individual success. We encourage all residents to take advantage of this event, to boost their career prospects and secure that job they’re hoping for,’ said Mayor Gillian Aldridge, OAM.

Key Highlights of the Expo:

Job Market Exploration:

Connect with local employers from various industries to learn about job openings and how best to apply. This is your chance to take a step closer to finding employment and advancing your career.

Tailored Workshops:

Our event will offer a series of workshops tailored to address essential career-related topics suitable for all experience levels. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, you can focus on what you need, from acing interviews to enhancing your skills, defining your career path, or understanding Australian workplace expectations for job success.

Networking Opportunities:

The expo provides an excellent platform for networking. Interact with industry professionals, learn about the local job market, and build connections that can enhance your career prospects.

Free Admission:

All workshops are free of charge, making this event as accessible as possible to the members of our community. Don't miss this chance to invest in your career development.

For more information and to register for the event, please click the link below: