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News Gateway Tower Digital Signage 01

Gateway Tower Digital Signage

Let there be light! Digital signage activated at City’s entry points.

City of Salisbury is committed to being a progressive, sustainable and connected community.

There are a number of existing digital screens, including the large outdoor screen in the Salisbury Civic Plaza/ Inparrinthi Kumangka, which are used to share timely information with the community.

In addition, new digital screens were switched on today and yesterday afternoon for the first time at the City’s entry points.

You may have seen these under construction in recent months at the intersections of Salisbury Highway and Park Terrace, Main North Road and Park Terrace and Salisbury Highway and at Greenfields on Salisbury Highway.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM was tasked with pressing the button to light up one of the screens for the first time.

The large LED screens not only look wonderful, but will display useful information to better connect community members to local events and programs.

Projects such as the rejuvenation of the City’s gateway towers improve visual appearance and enhance our neighbourhoods, streets and public spaces to be more welcoming to all.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM