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Development Council Major Strategic Property Walkleys Road Corridor

Walkleys Road Corridor Draft Concept Plan

Submissions closed

Council has been investigating areas of Council owned land that is suitable for future development. The site on the other side of Montague Road from the Ingle Farm Shopping Centre between Mozart Avenue and Denning and Grenada Avenues (which was reserved for the development of a future road, and including some areas of existing open space) has been identified as a site for future housing and upgraded open space, and potentially for other non-residential uses in the area adjacent to Montague Road.

In November 2020, Council asked the community for their views about the future of this site. The issues and opportunities identified have helped in the development of a draft concept plan.

Walkleys road corridor map

Community Engagement

Two stages of engagement were undertaken for this phase of the project.

In the first stage, we asked you:

  • What is it that you value about this site? Why?
  • What local issues and impacts do we need to be aware of if the site was to be developed for housing with some community facilities/shops/offices? How could we address these issues?
  • What local opportunities might come about if the site was to be developed for housing with some shops/offices?
  • What are the broader community opportunities that might come about from this development?

Stage 1 engagement closed on 23 November 2020.

The feedback received through Stage 1 community engagement helped to shape the draft concept plan.

Stage 2 engagement closed on 5 May 2021. In the second stage, we asked you:

  • What do you think of the draft concept plan?
  • Has it addressed your concerns, issues or ideas – how could it do this better?
  • What are the benefits of the draft concept plan to you/your community?

Your feedback is now being considered in finalising the concept plan and will be reported to Council. This will help them to make a decision at a Council meeting on whether to proceed with the next stage of the project or what changes they might require.

A summary of the feedback received during Stage 2 is being prepared.