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Elected Member Register of Interests

Elected Members are required to disclose their interests by completing a primary return after being elected and an ordinary return every year thereafter. The information submitted in the primary and ordinary returns is required to be entered into a ‘Register of Interests’.

The underlying philosophy of this statutory requirement is that disclosure of private interests by Elected Members promotes transparency and accountability to their electors. The Local Government Act 1999 (the Act) specifies the type of information that must be disclosed.

In 2021 amendments to the Act required returns to be published on a website ensuring the following details are not published:

  • a person's residential address;
  • any other address suppressed from the Register under section 68(4)(a).

Statutory restrictions on the publication of this information apply. Please refer to section 71 of the Local Government Act prior to publication or public comment.

The following provides links to individual returns for the current term of Council.