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Council Plans Documents Reports Policies 04

Elected Member Allowances and Benefits Register

Allowances, reimbursements, facilities and support are provided to Elected Members to enable them to effectively perform or discharge official functions and duties.

City of Salisbury ensures that the payment of Elected Member allowances and the reimbursement of expenses is accountable, transparent and in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999, and the Local Government (Members Allowances and Benefits) Regulations 2010.

All allowances, reimbursements, facilities and support provided to Elected Members are recorded in a register – the Elected Member Allowances and Benefits Register. The Register is updated quarterly and maintained for each financial year. It should be noted amounts are cumulative for the current financial year as at the time of publishing.

Council also maintains an Elected Member Allowances, Facilities and Support Policy, which can be found here.