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Keeping Fowls


Residents who wish to keep fowls (hens, roosters and chickens) on their property may do so, within the Councils standards and guidelines. 



Fowl Shelters

Poultry should not be kept in a shelter:

  • Less than 1m from any fence tree or hedge

  • Less than 1.5m from any other structure

  • Less than 12 m from a street, road, building or structure used for living or working purposes (12 fowls or less 7.5 metres)

The shelter must be on the rear of the premises and:

  • Have a floor place of at least 0.4 square metres for each fowl within the shelter

  • Be well constructed with sound materials in a manner as to ensure it is weatherproof, rat proof and is well ventilated.

  • Front of shelter to be covered with wire netting or other approved material and surrounded with the sheet metal or other approved material extending from at least 200mm below ground level to not less than 400mm above ground level.

  • Floor to be constructed of or paved with concrete or other approved material to a smooth, hard impervious finish.

  • Have at least one door opening above a solid step which shall be at least 400mm above floor level

  • Have a rainproof roof with efficient drainage so that all storm water is carried away from the shelter

  • Is maintained at all times in good order and repair and in a clean and sanitary condition free from rats, vermin, offensive odours or conditions

Noise Complaints

When Council receives a noise complaint regarding fowls the we will investigate the complaint and the owners may be required to remove the animals. Roosters are not necessary for hens to lay eggs and therefore it is recommended that roosters are not kept.

Waste Management

All fowl waste including seeds, feathers, dead birds and faecal matter should be placed in a plastic bag and disposed of immediately into an approved receptacle or rubbish bin.

Fly and Vermin Control

Fly baits and/or fly paper should be placed within the shelter out of the reach of the fowls. It is important to regularly check and replace these baits. Keep the area around the shelter clear of materials that might provide harborage for vermin. Excess food left inside the shelter may attract rats and mice so make sure that you give the poultry only the amount of food they will eat within a short period of time and store food in vermin proof containers fitted with close lids and kept off the floor. Rat bait surrounding the shelter is encouraged to detract vermin.

Always remember that fowls shall be kept in such a location, structure and condition that it will not cause a nuisance or be injurious to health in any way.

Further Information

If you have any questions about the sizing or dimensions of the shelter, please see our Keeping Fowls Guidelines.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact the Council’s Customer Service Centre on 8406 8222.

For a full copy of Council's Order Making Policy please see - Council Policies