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CFS Bans & Burning in the Open

Burning in the open and undertaking activities that involve fire, heat and the burning of materials is a concern to community safety, due to the potential threat of bushfire and the impacts of smoke and odour on air quality, amenity and health.

 For a comprehensive information sheet please follow - CFS - What Can and Can't I Do 

 To apply for a permit to burn in the open please follow Burning in the open Application Form  link for the requirements and associated application form.

Further Information

City of Salisbury


Phone: Fire Prevention Officer on 8406 8222.



What Can I Do / What Can't I Do? CFS information.

CFS Code of Practice for wood fired pizza ovens and other Factsheets




Burning in the open -

Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy) 2016

Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act