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The Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) currently operates a free fortnightly recycling service on behalf of The City of Salisbury. In the 2019-20 financial year, NAWMA collected over 10,000 tonnes of recyclable material from Salisbury residences.

To participate in this recycling service, new residents should request a 240 litre recycling bin from NAWMA. City of Salisbury Customer Service staff can organise this on your behalf.

Requesting an Additional recycling bin

Residents / Businesses can request to have an additional recycling bin by contacting NAWMA

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my collection take place?

Visit this NAWMA website page for further information on when your recycling bin will be next emptied, or download an app which will remind you when each of your bins is next due to be emptied. Contact the City of Salisbury Customer Centre on 8406 8222 or NAWMA on 08 8259 2100 if you have any questions about when your bin will be emptied.

'My Local Services' App

The free 'My Local Services' smart phone app will tell you what day/date each bin goes out. You can even set a reminder for yourself to put the bin out on time. This app runs across Local Government in South Australia and has many more services on offer, as well as bin collection dates. The app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android. Search 'My Local Services' in the App Store or the Play Store, or click your platform below

What can be recycled?

  • Glass
  • All plastic containers - with tops off (no plastic bags)
  • Cartons (milk and juice)
  • Paper and Cardboard (clean) - all types
  • Tin cans

What shouldn't be put in the recycling bin?

  • Ceramics - (Put this material in your waste bin)
  • Garden waste - (Put this material in your Greenwaste bin)
  • Household Waste - (Put this material in your waste bin or compost food waste)
  • Plastic Bags - (Take back to the shops, or re-use)
  • Oil - (Take to the Pooraka Waste Transfer Station or contact the Environment Protection Authority [EPA] for advice on disposal)
  • Acid and Chemicals - (contact the EPA for advice on disposal)
  • Clothing - (Take to Opportunity Shops or to the Pooraka Waste Transfer Station)
  • Hard Waste Materials - (Take to the Pooraka Waste Transfer Station)

Where else can I take recyclable materials?

Pooraka Bottle and Can Depot
Cardboard, Batteries, non ferrous metals, wine bottles – glass, 'deposit' marked milk cartons.
10 Ween Road, Pooraka - T: 8262 3666

Scout Recycling Centre
Scrap metal, wine bottles, 'deposit' drink containers
81 Stanbel Road, Salisbury Plain // T: 8258 1424

Scout Recycling Centre (Automated)
9 Maxwell Road, Pooraka - T: 7444 4244

AAA Recycling
Scrap metal, drink bottles, batteries, 'deposit' drink containers
551 Waterloo Corner Road, Burton - T: 8280 6350

Opal Recycling
Accepts cardboard for recycling free of charge, items to be delivered to Unit 1, 412 Hanson Road, Dry Creek - T: 8348 9888

Visy Recycling
Free drop off point for paper and cardboard – magazines, soft back paper books. Visit the VISY website to find a location closest to you.