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Sharps Disposal and Clean Needle Programs

The City of Salisbury currently provides a free sharps disposal service to residents of the Salisbury Council area.

Residents of City of Salisbury can collect up to two empty sharps containers from the front counter of the Council offices at 34 Church Street Street, Salisbury (please note: residents must provide identification showing their current address when picking up their containers). When the containers are full the customer should return them to the Council for safe disposal and exchange for new containers.

Sharps Collection

If you find a needle on public or private property, please do not attempt to pick it up yourself. For public property, contact City of Salisbury Customer Centre staff on 8406 8222 to organise its safe removal. We cannot arrange syringe removal on private property, however SA Health have useful information on their website with instructions on what to do if you find a used syringe.

Clean Needle Programs

The following organisations offer clean needle programs in the area:

GP Plus Elizabeth

  • Address: 16 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
  • Phone: 7485 4000 (press 6)
  • Hours: 10am – 4pm weekdays
  • Details: Free service. Free needles available.

Northern DASSA

  • Address: 22 Langford Drive, Elizabeth
  • Phone: 7485 4600
  • Hours: 9am – 5pm weekdays
  • Details: Free service. Free needles available.

Uniting Communities Smithfield

  • Address: Unit 1/2B Morialta Drive, Smithfield
  • Phone: 8202 5980
  • Hours: 9am – 5pm weekdays
  • Details: Free service. Free needles available.