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Community Healthy Health Services

Health Services

The Public and Environmental Health Services division of the City of Salisbury aims to protect and promote a high standard of public and environmental health within the City of Salisbury by:

  • ensuring that food offered for sale is fit for human consumption and is sold, stored, manufactured and prepared in a hygienic manner from hygienic premises
  • controlling and eradicating vectors of disease and public health pests
  • preventing and containing the spread of infectious diseases
  • providing all the residents of Salisbury with safe and healthy accommodation so as to maintain their optimum level of physical, mental and social well being
  • protecting the environment from pollution and hazardous substances, and to minimise their effects and impacts on the environment and the community
  • protecting the health of the Salisbury community and the environment by minimising the adverse effects of insanitary conditions and preventing their recurrence
  • providing a range of resources through which people can make informed health decisions and promote health through information and education
  • continually striving to progress an efficient, effective and responsive delivery of Council services to our community and customers, and ensuring performance is measured against identified planned objectives in an integrated manner

The responsibilities of the Division are delivered through five Public and Environmental Health Staff members with skills and qualifications in Public and Environmental Health, Environmental Management and Business Management.

The Division also works in close association with other Local Councils and Government agencies, which are also responsible for matters relating to Public and Environmental Health to ensure the appropriate agencies address community concerns and issues.