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Food Safety: Food Recalls and Complaints

Food Complaints

Council’s Public and Environmental Health Section investigate food complaints and concerns related to food businesses within the City of Salisbury. If you encounter a food product or food business that may pose a risk to consumers, please contact Councils Environmental Health Section on (08) 8406 8222.

In order for Council to most effectively investigate a complaint related to food safety, the following items should be retained:

  • the original container or packaging
  • the foreign object (e.g. insect, plastic or metal that you found in the food), if relevant
  • any uneaten portion of the food (this product should be refrigerated)

Food Recalls

A food recall is defined as ‘an action taken to remove from distribution, sale and consumption, food which may pose a health and safety risk to consumers'.

A food recall may be initiated as a result of reports referred from a variety of sources - manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, medical practitioners, government agencies (for example, a health authority) and consumers.

For more information, visit the Food Standards Australia New Zealand web site

If you wish to receive Food Recall Alerts via email, you can subscribe directly to alerts from the Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Visit the FSANZ subscription information page on the FSANZ web site.