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reWater pumping stations are designed and built to meet customer demands, taking into account existing and potential future growth.

Pump stations usually contain large storage tanks to provide buffer storage for water that is recovered from the aquifer via extraction bores.

A series of distribution pumps are installed and programmed to provide constant pressure in the reWater reticulation network that distributes reWater to customers. This enables customers to take reWater on demand and the pump station to supply a variety of flow rates to match customer demand.

The quality of water injected into aquifers, extracted from aquifers, and delivered to customers is continually monitored online in a dedicated sampling bath.

A sophisticated SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is utilised to automate the pump stations, provide alarm notification to operators, and to archive and trend data from the pump station that is used to measure and improve operations. Each pump station is connected to the SCADA server at the Salisbury Council office using wireless Ethernet. This enables each pump station to be viewed or operated remotely by a member of staff in the Water Management team.

reWater is delivered from pump stations to customers via a dedicated, non-potable reticulation network (purple pipe system). This network is supplied by a number of delivery pump stations providing an interconnected system. Multiple delivery points gives flexibility for operations and helps to ensure continuity of supply to customers.