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Development Application Fees

Development Application Fees

Council has adopted the scheduled fees and charges under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 with the following fee waivers and discounts for development applications lodged with Council.

  • Waive the hard copy lodgement fee of $81.50 for residents who lodge applications directly with Council.
  • Reduced the combined planning and building assessment fee for applications by residents for the following development applications lodged directly with Council:
    • Single Dwelling (class 1) $500 (planning $150 / building $350)
    • Dwelling Addition (class 1) $400 (planning $100 / building $300)
    • Minor Domestic Structure (class 10) $200 (planning $100 / building $100)
  • Waive the compliance fee of $81.50 for class 10 buildings.
  • Reduce the notification fee payable for the notification of class 1 and class 10 buildings to $50.
  • Set the fee to place the notice on land, when requested by an applicant, at $200.
  • Reduce the fee paid by concession card holders and pensioners to 75% of the full Council fees or the lower amount of the published Fees and Charges Register.

The following fees1 apply for Class 10 and Class 1 development applications (combined planning and building assessment) lodged for residents with Council.

Class 10 (Carport, Verandah, Outbuilding, etc)

Lodgement fee $1802
Planning & Building Assessment fee $200
Total $380

Class 1 (Dwelling)

Lodgement fee $1802
Planning and Building Assessment fee $500
Compliance $245
Certificate of Occupancy $51
Total $976

Class 1 (Dwelling Additions)

Lodgement fee $1802
Planning and Building Assessment fee $400
Compliance $245
Certificate of Occupancy $51
Total $876

Plus the following, if notification is required

Notification fee $50
Sign on land fee $2003


1 The Act may require additional fees in specific circumstances such as Referral Agency.

2 Lodgement fee is paid to the state government.

3 Fee is only required if the applicant elects Council to erect the sign.