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Water Quality - Cascades, Mawson Lakes

Council is aware of the deteriorating condition of water quality at the Cascade Lake in Mawson Lakes, showing discolouration and emission of odours.

Council undertakes regular water quality monitoring of the lakes in Mawson Lakes. Samples have been taken to assess the water quality and it has identified that the conditions are attributed to a naturally occurring event caused by the combination of hot weather and the build-up of organic material such as leaf litter and sediment.

Council has installed signage around the lake advising the residents to avoid contact, including your pets. At this stage, there has been no identified public health risk and we are continuing to investigate and monitor the situation.

Council is working on resolving the matter by pumping in as much fresh water and air into the lake we will continue to monitor and test water quality.

For further information, please contact:

City of Salisbury Environmental Health Team
Telephone: 8406 8222