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Council Boardwalk Boulevard Paralowie Verge Sidewalk

Streetscape Renewal Program

Submissions close

Streets selected for renewal 2022/2023

The City of Salisbury invites residents of these streets to contribute to the Streetscape Renewal planning process, helping improve the places we live, and ensuring community feedback is considered throughout the development of streetscape design.

What is the Streetscape Renewal Program?

Streetscapes within the City of Salisbury form an integral part of the character and public spaces of our City.

A key pillar of the City of Salisbury’s City Plan 2035 is the Building City Pride Strategy, which through the Streetscape Renewal Program, aims to deliver enhancements to selected streets of Council that will enhance and beautify the City.

The long-term planning and investment of this Program is essential to the continued sustainability of the City of Salisbury’s neighbourhoods for the next 50 years.

Potential streetscape treatments

Some of the streetscape treatments you may expect to see proposed for your street include:

  • planting and replacement of street trees
  • revitalisation of vegetation on verges
  • renewal of footpaths and pedestrian ramps
  • water sensitive urban design features (e.g. rain gardens)

Why do we need streetscape renewal?

Streetscape renewal is an opportunity to ensure that new streetscapes meet current design standards and community expectations, providing spaces that:

  • are safe for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists
  • are inclusive and encourage use by people with a range of abilities
  • consider the environment and sustainability, designed for a changing climate
  • help communities remain connected to their local neighbourhood
    remain consistent with the heritage and character of the wider City area
  • are low-maintenance and allow Council and utility providers to preserve their assets
  • increase greening and canopy cover, while replacing ageing/inappropriate street trees

How to get involved

Residents of selected streets are invited to participate, please follow the link below to complete a brief survey.

These surveys will be open until Friday 15 July 2022.

Engagement timeline

As part of the design development process, the City of Salisbury will review the feedback provided by residents.

Based on this feedback, and the technical requirements for the street, a concept design will be developed for community consultation.

The final design will be provided to residents, including a summary of how community feedback was considered throughout the process.

Construction works are expected to occur within the 2022/23 financial year.

Further information

For more information on the Streetscape Renewal Program, please see the linked brochures below

For additional queries, or if you would like to register for updates on the Program, please contact or phone 8406 8222.