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Salisbury Oval Precinct

Submissions closed

The City of Salisbury is seeking feedback on the recreational spaces and the future development site for the amended Salisbury Oval Master Plan and has engaged GHD to conduct this.

We previously asked for feedback on the Salisbury Oval Master Plan and community land revocation before the Master Plan was approved in March 2017. Since that time, the needs of the sporting clubs based at Salisbury Oval have changed, particularly the Salisbury Football Club, and some residents have also raised concerns about the loss of recreation and open space along Brown Terrace.

Salisbury Football Club informed the City of Salisbury of a major increase in player numbers and teams with the introduction of a local Women’s Australian Football League. Council has listened and resolved to retain Neales Green and all of the Brown Terrace frontage as community land for recreation purposes.

The amended Salisbury Oval Master Plan

The amended Master Plan is available here: Salisbury Oval Masterplan 2019.

Neales Green will be used as an open space recreational area including as a football training and junior games oval. For the remaining areas of the precinct, Council invites your input on:

  1. the detailed design for recreation spaces along Brown Terrace
  2. the provision of toilet facilities to be installed at the Neales Green end of Brown Terrace; and
  3. preferences for the future development of the balance of the former St Jay Recreation Centre Site and former bowling club land.

Provide your feedback

You can provide your feedback by completing a survey on either or both of these areas.

The survey is available here.

If you have any questions, need help with the survey and want to participate, please contact GHD on 8111 6816 or email

Your views will be considered and will help inform design of Brown Terrace recreational spaces, toilet facilities and the future development of the former St Jay’s Recreation Centre site.

More information

Further information can be found here.

Feedback closes

Community Consultation closes at 5pm, Saturday 9 November 2019.