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Council About Our Values

Community Experience Charter Consultation

Submissions closed

The City of Salisbury is committed to providing our community with the best possible experience they can have when interacting with us.

Our vision – which is newly defined in our new City Plan 2035 - to provide a progressive, sustainable and connected community. The values that we uphold will ensure that we work together as one team, to deliver an exceptional community experience that exceeds community expectations and delivers a future that everyone can own and be proud of.

We would like to invite our community to provide us with their thoughts and feedback on our proposed new Community Experience Charter. This your opportunity to let us know how you would expect us to provide you with a respectful, accountable, collaborative and helpful service.

View the interactive survey on SurveyMonkey.

You can also download the Community Experience Charter, and make comments to various sections if you'd like.

Community service is everyone's responsibility.