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Council Grants Youth Sponsorship

Youth Sponsorship Program

The aim of the Youth Sponsorship Program is to provide sponsorship for State and/or Australian representation, in sporting, cultural or recreational activities. The Youth Sponsorship Program is aimed specifically at young people aged 25 years and under, who reside in the City of Salisbury.

Applications remain open all year round, and are assessed on a monthly basis by the Community Wellbeing and Sport Committee. To apply, please download an application form or contact the Customer Centre on 8406 8222.

Before submitting an application please ensure that your application meets the conditions shown in the guidelines including the following -

  • One application for each level will be considered in any 12 month period (ie, it must be 12 months since you last received funding before you can apply again).
  • Sport & Recreation – applications will only be considered for State Representation when the selection is supported by the Peak Body of the Sport. For example, Calisthenics Association, FFSA, Athletics SA, Gymnastics Association etc). Applications will not be considered for representation at the local level eg clubs taking a group interstate/overseas.
  • Sporting & Recreationapplications for school organised events – applications for school organised sporting events will only be considered if the application can be supported by a letter from the organising association (eg SAPSASA, Christian Schools Association etc). Applications to take a group of students to a sporting event not supported by a school association will not be considered.
  • An Acquittal Process has now been introduced. If the Acquittal document is not provided (including receipt/payment details) future applications will be considered ineligible.

For further information, please contact:

Personal Assistant to the General Manager Community Development
City of Salisbury
PO Box 8
Salisbury SA 5108
8406 8340
Personal Assistant to the General Manager