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Paralowie Community Garden

Opening Hours

Update August 2022: We leave the Paralowie Garden site expressing our sincere thanks to Paralowie R-12 School for their collaborations and hospitality over many years.

We’re now very excited to establish a new garden and deliver extended programs at the Burton Communal Garden - located at the new Burton Community Hub.

How things work at the garden

Paralowie Community Garden is a kitchen garden helping people grow plants for health and pleasure.

The City of Salisbury shares this facility with the Paralowie R-12 school and has access to the centre to run activities on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Our coordinator is ably assisted by a small group of volunteers to maintain the garden as a demonstration space for growing food in backyards.

Two main types of activities are run at the garden: one focusing on social activities based around gardening and healthy eating; the other on education and skills development about growing food at home and run as one-off events or workshops.

Social Activities

The activities engage people in a variety of interesting projects similar to maintaining a produce garden at home. Working together with other people in the garden is a great way to meet people, share experiences, learn and celebrate successes. This program is targeted at adults over 50 years of age and is held on a Tuesday and Thursday between 9.30 am to 12.00 pm. Bringing lunch is optional.

If you start attending regularly (for example, the third time you’ve come) we will require you to become a member of our Centres. The current cost for membership is $10 per financial year (1 July to 30 June) and gives you membership with our three over 50’s centres. These are the Jack Young Centre, the Para Hills Community Hub Senior Centre and the Pine Lakes Centre.

Education Sessions

These sessions are designed to support people growing their own food at home with the relevant skills and knowledge to do this confidently and successfully. This is one of a number of programs reflecting Salisbury’s commitment to encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Adults of any age can attend our one-off workshops or events. A seasonal calendar of these events is released throughout the year and is available from the Council, community centres and on the Gardening Workshops page.

For enquiries or to request a membership form, call (08) 8406 8225 or email us.


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