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Kaurna Park Wetlands


Kaurna Wetlands is a 48-hectare bushland haven of winding paths and boardwalks.

Just across the way from Springbank Plaza Shopping Centre in Burton, this hidden bushland oasis is a great getaway right on your doorstep.

Once degenerated farmland, the wetlands area has been reinvigorated and developed into a variety of gentle water channels with a growing native flora and wildlife population. A short and easy circuit will take you past shallow billabongs and native trees that now teem with birdlife. Up to 116 species of birds have been sighted and 21 of these are known to breed here.

Part of the Edinburgh Biodiversity Corridor, the Kaurna Wetlands is Salisbury’s contribution to the revegetation of Adelaide’s northern suburbs. This aims to bridge the northern plains with the nearby coastal mangroves.

With widespread tree-planting over the years, a range of tree, shrub and groundcover species now exists to improve structure and diversity to the land in this area, while providing a relaxing and beautiful green space. The impressive innovation of this wetland is that recycled wastewater from the wetlands is used to irrigate ovals and other park areas around Salisbury.

The wetland includes the Tapa Wardlipari trail (‘tapa’ meaning trail and ‘wardlipari’ meaning ‘milky way’), a historically sacred area for the Kaurna people who found it to be an important resource of economic and spiritual wealth.

As a short 1km walk that will take around 15 minutes, it is a relaxing and educational stroll for families who will see all manner of plants of significance to the Kaurna people. It is a mostly wheel-friendly trail meaning it can easily accommodate prams or wheelchairs.

If you’re after a bit of a run, you also have the option of the Kaurna Wetlands Loop, which is a 2.85km clay and gravel track around the wetlands that fitter folk can complete in about 20 minutes.

Safety and Access

  • Please note that the lower ends of the walking loop may not be accessible after heavy rains
  • The best entrance is at the car park from Waterloo Corner Road
  • Dogs are allowed but must be leashed (max 2m leash) between 8 am and 6:30 pm
  • Toilet facilities can be found at the nearby shopping complex or community centre.


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