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Waste and Recycling

Find out information about rubbish collection, waste and recycling in the City of Salisbury

On behalf of the City of Salisbury the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) operates a weekly general waste collection service, a fortnightly recycling service, and a fortnightly greenwaste service. Garden and food organics bins are emptied on the alternate week to the recyclables bin collection. Bins should be placed on the kerb, with wheels closest to your home, by 7am on the day of collection.

Collection dates

Collection dates are marked on the NAWMA calendar which is on their website here. Please refer to the calendar for the appropriate collection days.


Residents are provided with a free 140L Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) for general rubbish and a free 240L Recycling Bin made from 50% new and 50% recycled plastic. These are delivered at no charge, usually within two working days of being requested. Bins provided remain the property of NAWMA and are registered to aid in theft recovery. These bins must be left at a property when you move.

Upgrading/changing over from a 140L to a 240L MGB

Need a larger garbage bin? Please contact NAWMA via web link or on 8259 2100.

Second/additional 240L MGB

Need a second 240L MGB on top of your 240L? Please contact NAWMA via web link or on 8259 2100.

Green Waste and Hard Waste

Residents of the City of Salisbury can use a hard waste service to recycle large items that cannot be placed in the yellow-lid kerbside bin. NAWMA provides each household with two, free hard-waste services each financial year (July – June). You can choose to have your items collected from the front of your property or you can use a voucher and take your items to one of two local Resource Recovery Stations (Public Waste Transfer Stations).

The City of Salisbury in conjunction with NAWMA provide a Hard Waste Collection Service - further information is available here

The City of Salisbury also provides a kerbside food and garden organics (FOGO) collection service  through NAWMA- further information is available here

The Resource Recovery Centre at Research Road, Pooraka will also take green waste/garden clippings. Salisbury Council residents who can provide identification by way of drivers' licence, household bill or rates notice will be charged a discounted fee. Further information is available here

Organics Program

To participate in the garden and food organics program, residents should contact NAWMA either via their website here or phone 8259 2100.

Further information

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