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Using the Library

The Salisbury Libraries offer a wealth of resources, programs and events and are great places for people of all ages and nationalities to visit.


Membership is free and adults can apply for themselves or their children by completing an application at any of the Salisbury Libraries and providing identification that includes their name, current address and signature. Proof of legal guardianship is required when joining children under 18.

To become a member, people must also agree to:

  • inform library staff of any change of residential, postal, email address or mobile number
  • bear all costs for any loss, damage or payment incurred while items are issued in their name, their children's names or those for whom they are guarantor
  • bear all costs of recovery for items held over the due date
  • ensure the material borrowed must not be used to infringe copyright
  • indemnify and hold Salisbury Library Service harmless from any loss or damage they may incur from their use of borrowed items
  • understand that the City of Salisbury and its Libraries do not accept responsibility for personal injury or damage to property, resulting from use of any toys or sporting equipment
  • understand the library provides UNFILTERED internet. If members allow their children to access the Internet, they will take responsibility as guarantor for the child accessing illegal or inappropriate sites on the Internet, or any breaches of copyright from electronic sources.
  • understand that the Library Materials are accessible to all unless restricted by Australian Government classifications

As a library member you will have access to the One Card Network

For more information

and getting the most out of the library services available to you in the Salisbury Council, you can:

  • Books on a shelf

    Borrowing from the Library

    In order to borrow items from the library, a member is required to have a current library card and access the RFID self check kiosks. The library will only restrict borrowing according to Australian Government classifications.

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  • Family reading at library

    Library Collections

    The Salisbury Libraries offer a range of materials for loan.

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