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Road Reseal

Upcoming Road Resealing

Anticipated completion date

As part of the City of Salisbury’s road maintenance commitment, the below locations are scheduled for resealing (asphalt replacement) between February and June 2024. Works will be delivered during either days or nights, depending on the location.

Road closures will be required during the works, with access maintained wherever possible.

Street specific letters will be provided to local residents, informing specific dates, times, impacts and contact information. Further information will also be available on our social media.

Road Name/Suburb: From: To:
Helps Road, Direk Diment Road Edinburgh Road
Kensington Way, Burton Burton Road Potts Crescent
Kesters Road, Para Hills Liberman Road Nelson Road
Maxwell Road, Para Hills Whole of street
Milne Road East, Para Hills Nelson Road Caroona Avenue
Milne Road West, Para Hills Robert Court Miller Avenue
Pratt Road, Pooraka Main North Road Adaluma Avenue
Research Road, Pooraka Whole of street
Shepherdson Road, Parafield Gardens Monarch Avenue Martins Road
Sleep Road, Para Hills Milne Road Miller Avenue
Whites Road, Salisbury North Waterloo Corner Road Diment Road
Deane Street, Salisbury North Whole of street
Third/West Roundabout, Edinburgh
South Terrace, Pooraka Whole of street
Caribou Road, Direk Mirage Road 20-24 Caribou Drive
Mirage Road, Direk Edinburgh Road Pilatus Drive
Ponton Street, Salisbury Whole of street
Target Hill Road, Salisbury St Albans Drive Coomurra Drive
Bagster Road, Salisbury North Waterloo Corner Road Langford Terrace

For additional information, please contact our Customer Service Team on 8406 8222, or email us at

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