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DRAFT 2 Have Your Say LED Consultation 2023 DL 002

Verso Area Lighting Luminaire Trial - Have Your Say!

Submissions closed

The feedback you provide will help us to commit to a sustainable future

The City of Salisbury is tackling the growing problem of light pollution from our urban development. Light pollution is the unwanted and excessive light that can be emitted by artificial light sources, which can interfere with astronomical observations, disrupt natural ecosystems, and cause visual discomfort and glare.

We are trialling a new LED lantern in Bingham Road Reserve, Salisbury North with a view to reduce light pollution and improve the visual comfort of users in the space.

What is different about the new lights?

The new lantern design form is to promote higher visual comfort by reducing glare, the “Verso” from Versalux Lighting Systems implements a diffuser to evenly distribute light and enhance contrast, making it easier to see fine details, leading to improved visual acuity and overall visual comfort. Modern LED light sources can provide high optical precision allowing a greater degree of control for pinpoint lighting along the areas of ground where it’s needed, and not where it’s not, helping in the reduction of light pollution. These optical systems while beneficial to overall efficiency and control of light can sometimes lead to high contrast and glare when in direct view of the lamp source. These optics are referred to as full-cut off. The Verso lantern implements both optical technological developments, the full cut-off LED array is located inside the lantern facing downwards directing the light to ground with the added benefit of the diffusion to decrease the contrast and direct view of the LED light sources. Promoting better visual comfort.

How will the new lights help combat light pollution?

The “VERSO” lantern utilises LED PC Amber technology (short for “photopic corrected”) this is a type of coloured LED light that can be used to reduce light pollution. PC amber is a specific wavelength of light that is less disruptive to nocturnal wildlife and circadian rhythms than other types of white or blue light. It has been shown to be less attractive to insects and other nocturnal animals, and it can help to maintain the natural night-time environment. Additionally, because PC amber light has a lower colour temperature than other types of white light, it can help to reduce skyglow, the brightening of the night sky caused by excessive artificial light. PC amber lighting can be used in a wide range of outdoor lighting applications, such as streetlights, car parks, and pathways. By reducing light pollution, PC amber lighting can help to promote the health and well-being of humans and wildlife, as well as to reduce energy waste and associated costs.

How can you have your say?

You are invited to have your say on this proposed new LED decorative lighting on Bingham Road Reserve, Salisbury North by completing the online survey here.