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Council Have Your Say LED Consultation Questionnaire

The Outlook, Salisbury Heights Luminaire Trial

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The City of Salisbury has selected your street to trial new LED decorative lighting. Council is replacing the existing street lighting with LED technology that will reduce the amount of energy used and in turn save money and provide a more environmentally-friendly option.

The installation is due to take place during November with the trial running until the end of the year, and we encourage your feedback and thoughts regarding the quality of light, appearance of the fitting and anything else you would like to share about this project.

What is different about the new lights?

We recognise that your existing street lights are decorative and have kept this in mind while working to produce an attractive alternative. The new LED lights feature a custom shield that is intended to reduce “spill lighting” from behind the light by concentrating it forward toward the road.

The new lights have improved optics, meaning they may appear brighter compared to the old lights and also spread light more evenly along and across footpaths and roads. In addition, City of Salisbury has chosen to use a warm, white light for its colour rendering with the aim of improving visibility along the street and providing a more natural look.

Council is also considering transitioning to black poles and fittings, as this colouring suits most environments and blends into the background during the day.

Why is the City of Salisbury replacing these street lights?

Council is committed to a sustainable future and LED lighting is not only less expensive to run, but more environmentally friendly. Greenhouse gas emissions and energy charged to council will be reduced per annum under the proposed changeover.

We are pleased to have worked with a Salisbury-based business to produce the lights, therefore investing back into our local community.

What is the purpose of public lighting?

Street lighting improves road user safety by illuminating roads and footpaths making it easier for people to drive or walk along streets at nights. Street lighting is not designated to identify private property locations or provide property security lighting.

Who owns and manages Council street lights?

City of Salisbury pays for street lighting via public lighting tariffs and the energy used. Most street lighting in South Australia is owned and operated by SA Power Networks as a service to councils and the State Government.

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