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Revocation of Community Land Classification

Submissions closed

Pursuant to Section 194 of the Local Government Act 1999(2) (b), The City of Salisbury proposes to revoke the Community Land classification from a portion of Community Land.

The City of Salisbury is the registered owner of the land described as Venlo Court Reserve, Allotment 56 in Deposited Plan 11139, described in Certificate of Title Volume 5538 Folio 701. A portion measuring approximately 3,295 square meters is required to be to be revoked of its Community Land Classification for the purpose of selling to the adjoining land owner for development as a gymnasium.

A copy of the plans detailing the proposals and location are available for public inspection at Council’s Community Hub at 34 Church Street, Salisbury.

Any objection to the proposal must set out the full name and address of the person making the objection and must be fully supported by reasons.

Any submissions must be made in writing prior to the Thursday, 28th October 2021 to the Council at PO Box 8 Salisbury SA 5108.

Where submissions are made Council will give notification of a meeting to deal with the matter.

Enquiries to be directed to Tim Starr on (08) 8406 8577 or by email to