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St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk Temporarily Closed (UPDATED)
The Mangrove Trail has reopened with conditions, following repairs. The first 300m of the trail is open and accessible to the public. The last 200m section of the trail to the lookout is currently closed.


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Lindblom Reserve Master Plan

Submissions closed

The City of Salisbury is seeking feedback on the Lindblom Reserve Master Plan

Extensive consultation has occurred with the key stakeholders who currently use the site to set a direction for future improvement of the reserve. The master plan seeks to expand upon the existing use of Lindblom Reserve as a sporting destination for AFL, cricket, soccer and netball.

To support these uses, the amenity of the reserve will be upgraded with additional/new landscaped open spaces and lawns for spectators of sporting code. A network of shared paths will circumnavigate the reserve, allowing for a fitness loop and recreational opportunities.

To help cater for families on site, a new play space will be located adjacent Dry Creek and the existing AFL oval car parking, providing a space for the wider community to utilise. New car parking is proposed from Quinlivan Road, allowing for easy access and taking the pressure of McCarthy Court.

By consolidating the sports and leisure uses to the western side of Dry Creek, this allows the western side to be upgraded as a natural experience with walking trails adjacent the waterway, new informal nature play and BMX pump track and improved woodlands.