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Unity Park


This wide-open tract of land has recently been developed for the enjoyment of the community.

There really is something for everyone: a skate park, BMX facility, playground, walking and bike trails, dog-friendly park, fitness station and a beautiful lake with wetlands.

The Unity Park Skate Facility is a superb street circuit of rails, ramps, boxes, slopes and quadrangles. The fitness station offers a great place to work out and test your endurance. The equal access playground has facilities for all ages.

The Cross Keys BMX Club track is also located at Unity Park. The track is an exciting network of ramps, dirt jumps and sharp bends that are designed to test a BMX bike riders skills.

A relaxing walk can be enjoyed along the walking and bike trail that encircles the park and passes each facility including the wetlands and dog-friendly park. Dogs are welcome off the leash to run and explore in a fully enclosed dog park. Trails aid unassisted access for those using wheelchairs.

The public artwork 'Winds of Change' can also be found on the Main North Road side of the park.


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