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Cobbler Creek West Reserve


Explore the lesser-known Cobbler Creek West Reserve creek trail nestled between Main North and Bridge Roads in Salisbury

Connecting the reserve through a hidden river valley plunged into the Salisbury suburban landscape, this little gem of a walk takes visitors along the meandering Cobbler Creek from Bridge Road, all the way to Main North Road and the Saints Shopping Centre where you can enjoy lunch at the popular Saints Kitchen café.

Otherworldly Oasis in the Suburbs

Surrounded by native grasses and trees, this path is a quiet escape from suburban life without the need to travel far. Right in the heart of Salisbury, it features iconic red earth banks that provide homes for native birds, bees and insect colonies. River red gums stretch up high to create a natural canopy over visitors. Together with the sounds of the gently flowing creek and no buildings in sight, it’s easy to feel like you’re somewhere otherworldly. With the striking red earth cliffs, you may even feel like Indiana Jones setting out on an adventure in an unknown land!

Spark Your Imagination

Adults will enjoy the reprieve of this trail with plenty of visual interest and quiet to contemplate. The area is perfect to spark the imagination of kids who will enjoy playing and hiding around the trees and nooks within the path surroundings. Quieter folk may simply enjoy identifying native plants and observing wildlife, whether in the water, up in the trees, or on the red earth banks. Birdwatchers will enjoy a diverse range of birds that frequent the area, including ducks, parrots, cockatoos, crows, and honeyeaters.

As a part of reclaiming past farmland, local councils and youth groups worked together to carve out this circuit for walkers and mountain bikers. The volunteer group, Friends of Cobbler Creek, also actively plant trees in the area and the larger reserve. Over time, it has become a lush walking path and useful connection for the local mountain biking association to the main Cobbler Creek Recreation Park’s featured biking trails. It is also a great place for geocaching games.

The area serves as a water catchment for the Parafield Wetlands and rare 1-in-100-year flooding events. Visitors will notice the impressively large overflow tunnels towards the end of the trail as they traverse the path.

If you’re up for a bit more of an adventure, start at the Main North Road end and work your way up to the overflow tunnels that go under Bridge Road. When you pass through the tunnels you will find yourself in the popular Cobbler Creek Recreation Park where you will find a plethora of walking and mountain bike trails, and you can find old cottages and other remnants of settler life at its peak.

Where to Park

If you’re starting from Main North Road you can park your car at the Saints Shopping Centre and join the trail from across the road.

Alternatively, you can join the trail from the Bridge Road end and either park your car on Cobbler Circuit (accessible from The Grove Way) or on Spearman Avenue (accessible from Bridge Road).

Playground and Picnic Table

There is a small playground with swings and a picnic table for the family to enjoy as part of the reserve on Cobbler Creek Circuit.


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