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The City of Salisbury is committed to ensuring that all community members have access to a diverse range of learning opportunities that meet a wide range of needs and aspirations.

The Salisbury Learning Action Plan is part our commitment to developing our city as a learning community.

The Learning Action Plan has been formulated around the following learning objectives:

Lifelong Learning

Which includes:

  • early engagement and family learning
  • promotion of learning aspirations
  • social connection and inclusion

Indirect Employment Focused Learning

Which includes:

  • building language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • building foundation skills
  • enhancing supports for learning.

Direct Employment Focused Learning

Which includes:

  • tailoring learning to populations and industries
  • career and learning advisory
  • building entrepreneurial and business capacity
  • building the training capacity of the City of Salisbury

Contact our Libraries and Community Centres to find out what learning opportunities are being offered around Salisbury.

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