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There are many sporting opportunities available for People with a Disability in the Salisbury community.

There are many sporting opportunities available for people with disability in the Salisbury community. The following is a list of sporting activities developed for people with disability. There are also so many other sports available in the community. If there is a sport not listed here please contact us and we will see what we can do to link you in with your favourite sport.

For more information contact Community Planner: Sport and Recreation at the City of Salisbury

  • NEIB Basketball

    This is a fantastic session for those who want to get even more out of life by enjoying one of Australia's favourite past-times, Basketball!

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  • Boccia

    Boccia is a skilful, exciting and strategic sport that was developed to cater for people with varying levels of physical impairment.

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  • Goalball

    Goalball is a fast paced and skillful game designed for blind and vision impaired athletes.

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  • Indoor Cricket

    SASRAPID provide an Indoor Cricket competition program for budding cricketers with a disability. To participate you must meet the following criteria:

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  • AFL (Football)

    SASRAPID and the South Australian Amateur Football League provide the opportunity for males with an integration difficulty who are 14 years and over to participate in an organised football competition.

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