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Corporate Directional Signs

Corporate directional signs, a common feature throughout Salisbury, are constructed and erected by Council. They are an initiative to assist the public to navigate our city easily and to promote local businesses.

These stylish signs also eliminate unsightly sandwich board advertising. The result is a pleasing streetscape. Is this an opportunity for your business?

The directional sign panels are leased from Council for a 5 year period or part thereof*. The panels and printing are uniform in colour and font style. Corporate colours and logos are not permitted on corporate signs.

Existing Signs

Lease fees for a sign panel on an existing corporate sign are:

Large Sign: signs approximately 5.5 to 6.0 metres in height and with between 10 and 12 sign panels attached. The lease fee per panel on this sign is $660.00 (+ GST) for a 5 year lease or part thereof*.

Small Sign: signs approximately 2.5 to 3 metres in height and with 5 panels attached. The lease fee per panel for this sign is $330.00 (+ GST) for a 5 year lease or part thereof*.

Please note * All leases are on a 5 year cycle and the fee includes the initial placement of your business on the sign. A lease period for all panels on each sign concludes on the same date.

New Signs

For new sign requests please contact our Customer Service on 8406 8222 or .

Rewording Existing Panels

For businesses that wish to change the wording on their existing panel:

  • Large sign - $(upon request)
  • Small sign - $(upon request)

Further Information

If any further details or information is required about corporate signs, please contact Development Services.

If you would like to download the information as a PDF file, click here.