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24 0003 Glenarbon Court

Proposed Road Closure - portion of Glenarbon Court Para Hills

Submissions close

The City of Salisbury Council proposes to close a portion of the above road as delineated in the accompanying Public Notice and Preliminary Plan herewith. It is proposed that the portion of road to be closed will be disposed of as stated in the Public Notice.

A copy of the plan and statement of persons affected are available for public inspection at the Council office, 34 Church Street, Salisbury and the office of the Surveyor-General at Level 10, 83 Pirie Street, Adelaide, during normal office hours.

Any person is entitled to object to the proposed road process, or any person affected by the proposed closure is entitled to apply for an easement to be granted in that person’s favour over the land subject to the proposed closure. Such objections or application for an easement must set out the full name and address of the person making the objections or application and must be fully supported by reasons. Any application for an easement must give full particulars of the nature and location of the easement and, where made by a person as the owner of adjoining or nearby land, specify the land to which the easement is to be annexed.

If you wish to object or make an application for an easement to protect any interest you may have in the road to be closed you should direct this to City of Salisbury in writing to PO Box 8, Salisbury SA 5108. A copy of any submission must also be forwarded to the Surveyor-General, (Roads Unit) PO Box 1815, Adelaide SA 5001.

Any representation that you make must be served on the Council in writing within 28 days of the Public Notice dated Thursday 1st February 2024 otherwise it will not be valid. If you desire to support your submission personally or by representation, you should advise accordingly.

Once a decision is made by Council to either proceed with the formal Road Closure or discontinue the proposal or a part of the proposal, any person who made a submission and any person with an interest in land affected by the proposal will be notified accordingly.