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By Laws

We’re asking the community to have their say on Council’s By-Laws as part of a review process undertaken every seven years.

The Local Government Act 1999 and other Acts provide Council with the ability and authority to make by-laws for the good rule and government of the area, and for the convenience, comfort and safety of its community. By-Laws may have clauses that prohibit, regulate, control, restrict or require permits for certain activities.

By-Laws are legally enforceable within the Council area and penalties can apply for breaches or conduct that is contrary to the requirements of by-laws. All by-laws are reviewed every 7 years and the review and or development of by-laws requires public consultation that ensures consideration of public feedback.

Please click on the link to download a copy of the by-law

By-law 1 Permits Penalties

By-law 2 Movable Signs

By-law 3 Roads

By-law 4 Local Government Land

By-law 5 Dogs

By-law 6 Waste Management

Register of by-laws

Pursuant to Section 252 of the Local Government Act Council must keep a register of all by-laws made or adopted by the council. For the purposes of Section 252, the by-laws listed below are deemed to be Councils register of by-laws and are accompanied by a copy of the Certificate of Validity as required pursuant to Section 249 of the Local Government Act.

Signed with CoV By Law 1 Permits and Penalties

Signed with CoV By Law 2 Moveable Signs

Signed with CoV By Law 3 Roads

Signed with CoV By Law 4 Local Government Land

Signed with CoV By Law 5 Dogs

Signed with CoV By Law 6 Waste Management

By-Law Determinations and Resolutions

Pursuant to Section 252(6) of the Local Government Act, if a by-law only applies within a part or parts of the area of a council as the council may determine from time to time, and the council has made a determination, a certified copy of the resolution making the determination must accompany a copy of the by-law provided under subsection (5).

For the purposes of the register of by-laws the following is a list of the determinations made by Council under by-laws and is to be read in conjunction with the register of by laws above as required under Section 252(1)

By-Law Determinations and Resolutions

Any questions or concerns relating to the application or enforcement of any of the above By-Laws should be directed to the General Inspectorate section on (08) 8406 8222 in the first instance.