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Little Bang Discovery Club

Community Libraries Library Programs Little Bang Discovery Club

The Little Bang Discovery Club program is now being delivered completely online!

Do you have a curiosity for science? Do you find yourself asking ‘what would happen if...?’ From musical coat hangers to kissing balloons, join in on a variety of fun, interactive table top experiments to excite your senses and embrace your inner scientist.

Recommended ages: 4 to 7 years

Cost: FREE

Allow at least 20 minutes each week for the video and tasks.

How to participate:
  1. Follow along with the session information below
  2. Tune into the video tasks for that week via the Salisbury Library Service Facebook page
  3. Download the resources for the weeks session
  4. AND have fun!

Download Equipment List.


Little Bang Discovery Club is designed for pre-school and early primary aged children and their families. This hands-on program will allow children and their accompanying parents to combine everyday objects and experiences with genuine scientific enquiry methods. In this introductory session we will talk about what a scientist does and create our first collection of our Discovery Boxes for use over the remaining 4 weeks. So let’s get started!

Watch introductory video with a parent

Then download your resources:


Little Bang Handout

Collecting and Classifying

Scientists like to collect (sort) and classify objects. We have already collected items for our Discovery Box. In today’s session we shall find out why collecting and classifying are important and do some hands on sorting of our own!

Watch video with a parent

Session 1 Tasks

Measuring and Recording

In this session we review the collections and then start measuring. We learn how to use measurement as a way of accurately classifying (sorting and matching) our objects. We explore a variety of technology that can be used to weigh and measure objects, sometimes accurately! We start to record our observations as sometimes it can be hard to remember what just happened.

Watch video with a parent

Session 2 Tasks


Today we will learn about observing and measuring change and understand what an experiment is. We learn that experiments involve a simple and fair test. We put our measuring, observation and recording skills to good use to explain what happens in our experiments. We will demonstrate how to set up some simple experiments for you to do at home.

Watch video with a parent

Session 3 Tasks

Science Fair

In this final session we’ll reflect on what we have learnt about being a scientist:

1. Understand that scientists share their discoveries.

2. Understand that science is something that everyone can experience and everyday items can be used.

3. Understand that scientists don’t know the answers to every question and use scientific methods to explore these questions We’ll also demonstrate some more experiments for you to create your very own Science Fair at home to show your family what a fantastic scientist you are!

Watch video with a parent.

Session 4 Tasks

Science Behind the Experiments resource