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Community Healthy Paralowie Garden Workshops

Paralowie Garden and Gardening Workshops

Gardening Tips and Workshops

The Paralowie Garden runs a wide range of workshops during the year, often featuring special guests and experts in the field of horticulture.

The good news is that the Garden is now back open, albeit with restricted numbers.

Workshop Program

Please click for the August/September, October and November 2021 programs.

Some great sessions to enjoy; from open garden mornings, growing a veggie garden, pest control, using wicking beds and many more. There is lots to learn.

*Workshops will be limited to a maximum of six attendees.

Tree netting garden tip

Salisbury Seniors Magazine Issue 19, page five has a short article about Backyard Fruit Trees. The article briefly discusses two tips to get the most from you fruit trees, which includes pruning and protecting it. To find out more about netting fruit trees - Read the detailed article here.

Local Native Plants photo montage

Salisbury Seniors Magazine Issue 21, page six has an article about the beauty of natives. Click here to see a photo montage of natives for some inspiration.

'Growing your own food at home' notes

Starting a food garden at home is rewarding and does not have to be hard.

It can be as simple as finding a bare patch of ground, weeding with a hoe, loosening the soil, planting some seeds and watering. However if you want healthy, robust, tasty and nutritious plants then it is worth considering a few things first about your situation and resources, and having some basic knowledge and skills. This is what the resources in the notes aim to do- provide you with; some useful practical information to enable you to grow a variety of fresh nutritious foods at home.

We aim to cater for budding gardeners with varying ambitions, from turning their yard into a thriving food source, to those wanting a few pots of their favourite herbs. Our shared aim is to grow food with the best nutritional value and taste and to eat it fresh from the garden.

If you are growing in the ground you will need to understand the type of soil you are have and how to prepare it for growing produce. There are comprehensive notes on the soils in Salisbury Council and recommendations based on where you live.

If you are not growing in the ground there are notes for growing in containers of various types, including wicking beds.

There are notes on how to grow and manage various vegetables and fruit trees, as well as making composts and worm farms, organic fertilising and pest control, looking after your health and our environment.

Pack AA Introduction

Pack A1 Getting started: Site and Personal Resource Assessment

Pack B1 What to grow in

Pack C1 What is the Soil

Pack C2 Soils of Salisbury

Pack C3 Soil Test, Assess and Prepare

Pack C4 Using Fertilisers

Pack C5 Micro-organisms: building good soils

Pack D Saving Seeds

Pack D1 Vegetable Feeding and Sowing

Pack D2 Propagation from Seed

Pack D3 Seedling Care and Planting Tips

Pack D5 Crop Rotation

Pack D6a Vegetables for Spring Planting

Pack D6b Summer Vegetables

Pack D7 Growing Tomatoes

Pack D8 Growing Cucurbits

Pack D11 Seed Saving

Pack E1 Growing in Pots & Containers

Pack E3 Potting Mix

Pack F1 Composting

Pack G1 Water Sensitive Gardening

Pack G2 Mulching

Pack H1 Pest ID and Management

Pack I2 Growing Citrus

Gardening Tips

Social Activities in the Garden

For adults over 50 there are a range of gardening groups available for you to choose from, such as ‘Friends of the Garden group’, ‘Seed Bank group’ and ‘Propagation group’. For more information about these groups, click here.

If you like being outdoors and in the garden you’ll love working in our garden. We have 23 garden beds to grow seasonal vegetables, numerous fruit trees, herbs and flowers. There is always something to do to and you are welcome to join any of the activities in the garden to keep it looking good for all to enjoy.

Paralowie Garden Location

The garden is located on the corner Waterloo Corner Road and Halba Crescent. Find out more by calling (08) 8406 8251.