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How we are responding to COVID-19


Community Youth Twelve25 Ken Mc Mahon Main Hall 1

Ken McMahon Main Hall

The Ken McMahon Main Hall at Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centre is also known as the Salisbury Institute, which has over 130 years of heritage.


Maximum capacity of this room is 180 people standing or theatre seating and 80 people seated with tables.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions the maximum number of people in this space is 93.

Equipment and facilities

This room includes:

  • Stage
  • Roof mounted data projector (VGA input only)
  • Chairs (62) / Tables
  • Wi-Fi

Hire requirements

High risk booking enquiries need to e made a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.

Sound/ lighting systems are not included. Hirers are responsible for bringing their own equipment.

Request booking

Submit your booking request via the form on the home page.