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Events SALA 2021

Northern Youth SALA Festival

Northern Youth SALA Exhibition 2022 - Winners

SALA Alissar Artwork

Escaping to Paris by Alissar Aleid

Exhibition details

Twelve25 Youth Centre hosted an online exhibition and competition during the SALA Festival in August 2022.

The talent this year is outstanding with 18 artists aged 12 to 30 years of age entering a variety of different mediums.

If you missed out on our exhibition, take at look at our category winners

People's Choice Award

Winner: Midnight Fairy by Madeline Prince

Midnight Fairy received the most votes via our online gallery which has been on display from 1 to 30 August.

Madeline Prince has always had an interest in art as a hobby. As a university student, she uses art as a form of meditation and to balance work-study-life stresses. The most common medians used are canvas, pots and mugs with either paint, pencils or water brush pens. She also does diamond art and hydro dips as well.

Prize:n$100 EFTPOS voucher.

Mayor's Choice Award

Winner: Doja Cat by Charlotte Hartell

Charlotte Hartell is a young hobbyist artist from Adelaide. Since a young age art has inspired her and been her outlet of creativity. Primarily working with traditional pencil mediums, Charlotte also branches out into paint and digital work.

Prize: $100 eftpos voucher.

Judge's Choice Award

Winner: Orange and Blossoms by Tamika Daviess

I’m Tamika Daviess, an 18-year-old artist in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide. Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for art, and my grandfather's natural gift has inspired me to use this talent. Over the past 2-3 years I’ve been developing and growing through creating commissioned paintings for friends and family. This year my goal is to grow my small art business ArtbyTamika and to further progress my skills in realism. I use acrylic paint for the majority of my pieces as it’s easy to work with.

Judges feedback: Tamika has captured the freshness and juiciness of an orange in this piece perfectly. I can almost smell the orange when I look at the artwork! She used a great depth of colour and an interesting composition by painting just a segment of the fruit and softened the image by adding the blossom. Well done Tamika!

Prize: $100 EFTPOS voucher.

Runner Up: Breakfast? by Nimrit Gill

Nimrit Gill is a self-taught Punjabi-Australian artist who was born in India and moved to Australia when she was six months old. She has been honing her craft for several years and enjoys working with a variety of mediums, including charcoal, pastels, graphite pencils, acrylic paint, and watercolour. Furthermore, Nimrit has also always been an artistic and talented person, from drawing her family to modelling a mediaeval sculpture for her history project. Her childhood interest in art has led her and her twin sister to collaborate with LTR learning to illustrate the front covers of children's books. She is enthusiastic to see where this opportunity will take her and will continue to improve and inspire others to express themselves artistically

Judges feedback: Nimrit’s attention to detail in “Breakfast” stood out to me with her ability to capture a life-like scene. The accurate use of colours and highlights, the strong message behind the artwork, and the perspective of the composition allows the viewer to feel as if they are experiencing the artwork in time. Nimrit shows high talent and really captured my interest in her work!

Prize: Royal Langnickel Sketching set with a Derwent sketchbook donated by Officeworks Parafield.

Paint'n Pot Category

This year we introduce a new category, where Twelve25 offered Crockd Paint'n Pot kits for free as an activity for those in isolation or looking to try something new from the comfort of their own home.

Winner: Harley Quinn meets Poison Ivy by Tiffany Hathazi

Tiffany has always been interested in art and all mediums, but my favourite to use is acrylic paint. I enjoy making bead jewellery and keyrings. I finished year 12 at Tyndale Christian school last year and currently studying for a certificate in women's studies at Elizabeth TAFE. Creating art is my way of escaping everyday life. I also enjoy anime and dressing up in cosplay. I'd love to one day get into a career doing either music, background sounds or lighting.

Prize: Royal Langnickel Water Colour art kit with a canvas two-pack donated by Officeworks Parafield.

Winner: In the Garden by Matthew Lasham

Matthew is 20 years old and is Autistic. Using his fine motor skills is challenging for Matthew so he would never have attempted something like this in a “class” setting as it would have increased his anxiety levels. This fantastic initiative has allowed him to participate in an activity he wouldn’t normally have done, in the comfort of his own home, therefore, allowing his creative skills to flourish by reducing the pressure on him.

Prize: Royal Langnickel Acrylic art kit with a canvas 2 pack

Salisbury Youth Council Choice Award

Winner: Life inside the Palm House by Ishrit Gill

Ishrit Gill, a 16-year-old self-taught artist, was born in Punjab, India, and moved to Australia at a young age. Ishrit's childhood was heavily influenced by visual arts, which shaped her into the person she is now. She became passionate about art at the start of high school and practiced on a daily basis. Ishrit used a variety of mediums, including colour pencils, acrylic paints, graphite pencils, charcoal, and pastels. Thanks to her art teachers, she was always pushed to think outside the box and expand her imagination, which she was inspired her to continue and gain confidence in her passion.

Prize: Born. Graphic Design Marker kit with 108 colours and a large Derwent sketch pad donated by Officeworks Parafield.

Congratulations to all the talented young people who entered the competition. The quality of the artwork was phenomenal this year.