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Good Sports Program

Good Sports is a FREE program of the Australian Drug Foundation, designed to increase the knowledge and skills around alcohol management for community sporting clubs Australia-wide.

Good Sports has been proven to reduce harm and positively influence health behaviours, as well as strengthen club membership and boost participation. Good Sports work together with clubs to prevent and minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. Good Sports is implemented voluntarily through community sporting clubs; helping clubs to promote healthier, safer and more family-friendly environments.

The core Good Sports program has been helping community sporting clubs to control the use of alcohol and to promote healthy behaviours - such as healthy eating and smoke free environments - for nearly two decades.

Implemented in almost 9,000 community sporting clubs, Good Sports is supported by the latest evidence and has the scope and experience to deliver positive outcomes, improve the health of communities and strengthen the sustainability of grassroots clubs.

City of Salisbury is a key Good Sports partner, working closely with the program to benefit local clubs.

You can find more information about Good Sports, as well as how to become a Good Sports club by visiting the Good Sports website.

How Good Sports can help

Being part of Good Sports shows your community that your club is a welcoming place, helping to bring in and keep members and volunteers. It can also help attract sponsors, secure ground hire and meet the duty of care to club members.

  • What that means for members and volunteers is they can come along knowing it’s a welcoming and safe environment to socialise and participate in the sport they love.
  • What that means for parents is they know their kids are free to enjoy sport in a family-friendly environment. They can be assured your club will role-model healthy behaviours.
  • What it means for clubs is they save time and paperwork. It’s easy to create a Good Sports policy. You’ll have procedures in place and ensure you’re complying with any legal requirements around smoking and alcohol. Plus, free access to resources and support.

Club Liquor Licence

Clubs that sell liquor for consumption on or off the premises require a Club Licence or a Limited Club Licence. A Limited Licence is only appropriate for a one-off special event or a series of special events.

Club Licence

A Club Licence permits the sale and supply of liquor on licensed premises to any member of the public who is not a minor. It does not permit the sale of take-away liquor unless special approval has been granted by the licensing authority (refer section 36 and section 102 of the Act).

Limited Club Licence

A Limited Club Licence permits the sale and supply of liquor on licensed premises to club members or guests of members only. A club member is permitted to have no more than five guests on the premises at any one time (refer section 36(3) of the Act). A Limited Club Licence does not permit the sale of take-away liquor.

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